Before you can expect your horse to trust you, first you must trust your horse and even before that trust yourself.

What does this mean?

It means accepting that whatever is happening right here, right now in this present moment is O.K. You don’t have to like it, but no amount of resistance to it or wishing for something else will change anything.

It means looking at your horse and understanding how they are feeling right now and knowing what you can do in this moment to help them feel better.

It is knowing that you can let go of any expectations of yourself or your horse and any “what if”s or “I should”s.

It means neither attaching yourself to or fearing a particular outcome, allowing yourself to be open to the inifinite number of possibilities that could arise in the next moment.

It means not blaming yourself, your horse or anyone else if you make a mistake – it happens!

The only thing you can ever do is your best in any given moment and that is always good enough.

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