It’s very easy to put off something we would like to do because we are waiting for a better time to do it; a better time in the future when circumstances may be more conducive to success. We are waiting for that perfect moment. Unfortunately that perfect moment we are waiting for may never arrive. It doesn’t exist. It is in the imagination of our thinking mind, it is simply a thought.

When we have an idea to do something and our mind steps in with all the reasons why we should leave it for a “better” time, we are caught up in thinking, we are no longer present.

Acknowledge those thoughts that tell you now is not the best time and let them pass. Go ahead with your idea anyway; even if it is for only 5 minutes, we can all find 5 minutes, it’s a start.

How often does this happen to you? What are those thoughts that cause delay and how often do they step in your way and interrupt your progress? Can you acknowledge them and let them pass instead of allowing them to block your path?

There is only one perfect moment and it is NOW, The Present Moment.

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