Sally’s “presence” and shared wisdom in working with me and my dog Mona has been nothing short of miraculous!

I am familiar with the Trust Technique® having started the online course a few years ago and then my process was interrupted with moves and operations and things like that. I was able to pick it back up when my sister Amy gifted me with a session with Sally. I felt not only reaffirmed in the practice that we’re doing, but delighted that of all the people, it is Sally who is mentoring or guiding or healing or helping us along.

She brings a gentle, real gentle but strong unspoken perspective that I feel like I have been invited to tap into. This presence or perspective is like it holds me and contains me so that I can be in relationship with Mona to the betterment of Mona.

 Mona is a German Shepherd who has some neurological problems and psychiatric problems or should I say had some…. We are making slow and steady progress to giving Mona a world in which she feels comfortable and safe through the methods that Sally brings forward. Sally is patient with me, she has tolerance for my chattiness and she has a really sweet sense of humor that feels easy and graceful. You’re lucky if you get to work with her.

Gaia and Mona, New Mexico, USA (Online)