It used to be one of my biggest fears – not knowing what to do. I felt I should have all the answers to everything, and the answers had to be the “right” ones. The ones I’d been taught, or read in a book, or heard from some expert of other. But what happens when you don’t know what to do, when you’re left with that helpless feeling, or even feeling useless?

The journey I have travelled with Grace has included learning to tap into my intuition or “inner knowing”, and this starts with listening. When you think you know all the answers you’re not necessarily open to hearing something new.  Having no idea what to do can be your greatest gift.  Time to pause, ask the question, “What do you need from me right now?”

This is when just being, and not doing, can open doors, ideas may spring from nowhere. This is not the time to analyse, or ask if this is the “right” thing to do.  Just follow your gut and do it, you may be surprised by the outcome….

The biggest hurdle to this “trusting your gut” is self-doubt. Why should I believe this idea that has come from nowhere? It’s not anything I have heard before so it cannot be right. What if it is the wrong thing to do and I make a big mistake? It is the opposite to what everyone else is doing, it cannot be right. Then you may find out down the line that someone else has tried something similar with great success. Then the validation of another human being makes it OK. It is human nature, we all have doubts at some point, it is all about learning to trust and believe in yourself, this is what gives your horse the confidence to trust in you.

4 Replies to “Not Knowing is a Gift”

  1. This last year Sally this is exactly how I have felt, but strangely enough I have achieved more with Monty and Tia than I ever thought I would! xx

  2. Our Immersion Group with Andrea Datz really spurs some thinking, doesn’t it! Thank you for sharing your inspiration.

    Being comfortable in the dark, so to speak, is a challenge.

    1. It certainly is an inspirational group, and yes, letting go of control and just allowing what needs to be is a big challenge!

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