Notice the First Signs of Tension

The problems we experience with our animals, whether while handling or riding or with general behaviour, all result from tension or pain, whether that is physical or emotional. This can come from association with past experiences or it can start […]

Emotions and Behaviour

The Trust Technique is not about fixing problems, it’s about understanding the underlying emotions which can create a problem. For example, a horse who gets upset when separated from their friends, or a dog who is aggressive or over excited […]

On Presence and Curiosity

How many times do human beings fall into the same trap of allowing a pattern of thinking to sabotage progress? Maybe you have an “issue” with your horse, but today everything went better than you could have imagined. Your spirits […]

Dealing with Setbacks

You’re toddling along and making steady progress, you’re being calm and patient, working at your horse’s pace, when BAM! You’re right back at square one. All that careful, mindful work you’ve been doing over the past days, weeks, months…. it […]

A Road Less Travelled

Sometimes when you take a path off the beaten track, when you take a different approach to the one you always followed along with everyone else, it can be a lonely journey. The help and support you desire is not […]

Expanding the Comfort Zone

You need to work outside of your comfort zone in order to grow – it’s true! BUT if you go too far out, too often, the opposite can also be true.  It helps to recognise that some people and /or […]

Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries is always a hot topic. There is the view that says you should keep your horse out of your space at all costs, another view that says setting boundaries is not necessary and you can just politely step […]

Sensitive Horses

I am horrified by some of the “advice” that is dished out to people who are seeking help with their horses – it’s like something out of the dark ages. What is it that makes human beings want to make […]