Returning What Is Lost

There is a lot of talk about giving horses back their power and giving them a voice. But how can we advocate for them if we are unable to stand in our own power and make our own voice heard? […]


I recently received a message from an old friend – I used to ride her horse for her many years ago – who asked me to share her situation so that people might consider how pain may be affecting their […]

Returning to Yourself

A client after their first session said: “It sounds like I need to change into a completely different person.” Me: “There is no need to change into someone else, it’s more about returning to who you really are.” Client: “Thank […]

Interview with MysticMag

I recently did an interview for MysticMag. My first reaction was that I’m not really a mystic or psychic, but these words can have varying meanings and some of them are not completely inappropriate to my work as a Trust […]

Starting Again – Again

It is only after I started writing this that I realised I’m talking about starting over at the beginning of a new year. I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions, if you need to start something new, why wait? I’m […]


As a Trust Technique Practitioner I work with all kinds of animals, not just horses. This week I worked with a couple and their 3 dogs. They had asked for my help with the newest member of the household who […]

How Long Will it Take?

When people want help to change an animal’s behaviour they will often ask “How long will it take?” Of course it depends on so many factors but I would also like to say that it’s best to let go of […]

Do You See Your Horse?

Horses have so much pressure put on them these days and a lot of people aren’t aware of it. Do you pause to notice how your horse responds when you enter their space, when you pick up a halter, when […]

What is getting in the way?

What is getting in the way of enjoying the time spent with your animals? Those things that we call problems, which when we spend our time and energy trying to “fix” them, wear us down and create conflict. What if […]